As a man, there will be some times for you to have the desire to get your date. Yes, by having a date, it means that there will be someone to take care of you, love you, and do a lot of great and sweet things to you. It is so awesome, isn’t it? However, many men out there are not really that fortunate. For them, to find the date is not simple. They might have done so many efforts but it seems so hard for them to even attract the attention of the girls. The Tao of Badass will become the best solution for you. Well, let’s put an end to your misery. It is the time for you to make those girls come to you instead of the vice versa.

The Tao of Badass

The Tao of Badass Really Works

Many of you might think that The Tao of Badass is just another bluff which will only make you disappointed after you have given it a try. But, you must not think that way because this book is so effective. It will reveal all secrets related to how to attract the attention of the girls around you and finally make them fall for you. And you know what, the methods provided by this book are effective for all men. No matter who you are, even if you are usually called as nerd, you can surely make yourself attractive and it will not be that hard for you to have a girlfriend.

No More Single Moment for You

Yes, to be single is really annoying. It is like you live in a boring world and you really want to put an end to such irritating situation. Let The Tao of Badass help you. There is no better solution than what is offered by this book. Just apply the methods and you will become a don juan who can make the girls fall in love to you in just a small amount of time. What are you waiting anymore?


There are lots of things we can do in order to find a date, including doing online dating. There’s nothing wrong with online dating, but we should know that online dating is risky since we don’t really know who we are going to date on the first place. We should know that our online date may not be like what we have been expecting to be in real life. There are actually lots of potential date we can meet online, so we shouldn’t judge that online dating is wrong and not good.

As long as you know what you should do and don’t during your online dating, you may be safe from many unpredictable crime. While we are doing online dating, we should know that people are sometimes different on internet and in real life. We should also know that people we meet online can leave our life easily, so never expect a long-lasting relationship with people we meet online, especially when they live in another country.

You should also be honest during your dating even if it’s online, but you shouldn’t let them know your passwords from online account, email, and credit card. You shouldn’t also give them money right away when they ask you.

First Date IdeasFirst date is the most heart throbbing event because you have never been out only with your crush before. You will feel happy, excited, confused, and panic at the same time, but you shouldn’t let your worry ruins your special first date with your crush.

First date is like other first stuff you do in your life, it will never be forgotten, so you should always do your best on your first date and don’t worry about the result. First date shouldn’t make you dead one day before the day, so prepare yourself, don’t be too anxious and just try to do your best.

These 5 top first date ideas can make your first date blasts.

  1. Have an extreme date: flying fox, bungee jumping, etc.
  2. Have a romantic date: prepare candlelight dinner, walking across the bay.
  3. Have a sporty date: play badminton, basket, tennis, etc.
  4. Have a date at home: cooking meals together, playing chess, watching dvd.
  5. Have a quality date: joining community service, planting mangrove trees.

No matter what you do in your first date, you should always try to be an understanding and honest person. Don’t be someone else, treat your date like a friend and enjoy every moment you go through together.

Divorcing your spouse is a really big thing because when you are divorced, you can’t just meet them the next day and do things you regularly do together when they were still your spouse.

Divorce is a strong word, it tear two worlds apart, so you should really think before you decide to divorce your spouse. You may hate your spouse because they don’t treat you like you expect them to treat you, but chances for you to miss them a while after divorcing is really high. When you were with them, you have someone to share your overloaded desire with, but after divorcing, you can’t just visit them to share your overloaded desire with them.

You should stop thinking about your ex spouse because when you do, you can never move on and you will never have a better life. No matter who declares to get divorced the first time, you will obviously miss having them in your bed. You should try to release your desire in other stuff like meditation and yoga because if you don’t, you will just try to meet new people and you will just use them since you have sexual desire to release but your heart is not ready for another relationship yet.

Virtual Dating VS Real RelationshipIn this modern era, people can meet new other people only by staying in front of their computer screen. We don’t have to go out and do many activities just to get to know a brand new people that we can keep in touch and we can keep in our life for a long time.

In this instant era, meeting and having relationship with someone can also be made instant. We don’t need lots of effort just to maintain our relationship because by keep texting them through online messengers we can still keep our relationship with them.

Lots of people are being committed like in steady relationship with people they haven’t even met before. This may cause lots of problem because you may have a wrecked studying schedule. When normal people who are dating people in their real life can do many active stuffs together, those who only do online relationship will not be as active as the first couples since they will just meet through skype, yahoo messengers, facebook, etc.

When you are having a relationship with someone you can meet every day, you can go out with them on gym, swimming pool, art class, and you can do whole lot more positive and active stuff together than just sitting in front of computer.

Maintain Your RelationshipBefore someone is having a relationship, they may take a really hard work on improving their life or simply working hard on finding a partner, but once they are in relationship they will stop doing all the hard work unconsciously.

Some people are relaxed just because they already find a partner, but they sometimes forget that love doesn’t last forever. You may fall in love deeply with someone and that someone may have the same feeling, but if you don’t maintain the love, your love will decrease in time.

The best way to maintain your relationship in keeping the little things you used to do to reach your partner’s heart. Those small little cute things like sending them poem, giving them surprise hug from behind, going to their office unannounced and bringing their favorite meals will help you to maintain your relationship.

When you feel like your relationship gets boring and worn out, you shouldn’t try to find a new partner. All you have to do is trying to refresh your love by doing some new stuff to rebuild the love which is not so strong anymore. Find new hobbies together with your partner, explore more destinations, meet new people together, cook new recipes, and more other.